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"5 to 8" Competition Results

Downloads available below are zip files containing the winning entries for that year. The majority of entries are Windows compatible .exe files with some video files.

2017 Download the 2017 winners (zip file 694Mb)
Video version of the winning entry which can be viewed on YouTube.
Link provided by Ian Bateman.

  Winner Ian Bateman The Fallen
  Runner-up Malcolm Imhoff Cwmorthin Requiem
  Runner-up David R. Neal Celtic View
  Highly commended Nellian Bekker Kokerboomkloof
  Highly commended Christine Chittock Kaleidoscopic Stourhead
  Commended Laura Parker The Dark Side of Light
  Commended Chris Timbrell Small Trees, Tall Trees

2016 Download the 2016 winners (zip file 674Mb)
  Winner Jane and Stephen Lee Searching For The Light - A Norwegian Quest
  Runner-up Bill Bruce Reflections
  Runner-up Ian Bateman Wistman's Wood
  Highly commended Brian Harvey Under Norfolk Skies
  Highly commended Ian Bateman Winter Light At Waddesdon Manor
  Commended Malcolm and Jenny Gee Alpine Seasons
  Commended Malcolm Moorehead Colours Of Spring

2015 Download the 2015 winners (zip file 771Mb)
Video version of the winning entry - link provided by Mark Allen.
To play the HD version you will need to play Scotland on Vimeo.com.

  Winner Mark Allen Scotland
  Runner-up Stephen and Jane Lee Land of Ice
  Runner-up Malcolm and Jenny Gee Seasons In Close Up
  Highly commended Ian Bateman Horizons
  Highly commended Mark Allen Iceland

2014 Download the 2014 winners (zip file 337Mb)
Video version of the winning entry - link provided by Ian Bateman on behalf
of Wantage Camera Club.
To play the HD version you will need to play One Day Like This on Vimeo.com.

  Winner Wantage Camera Club One Day Like This
  Runner-up Malcolm Imhoff On Higher Ground
  Runner-up Adri van Oudheusden One Fine Day
  Highly commended Ian Bateman Catalunyan Morning
  Highly commended Nellian Bekker Fantasie d'Eau

2013 Download the 2013 winners (zip file 685Mb)
  1st Adri van Oudheusden The Sands Of Time
  2nd David Neal Celtic Vision
  3rd Paul Green Milwaukee Art Museum
  Highly commended Jeff Driscoll Fendrod Swans
  Highly commended Chris Timbrell West Ireland - Land, Sea And Sky

2012 Download the 2012 winners (zip file 353Mb)
Video version of the winning entry - link provided by Chris Timbrell.
To play a specific resolution, hover on the Auto button in the control bar,
make a selection then click the full screen icon in the control bar.
On mobile devices use a long press on the video thumbnail for a menu
that includes a "full screen" option.

  1st Chris Timbrell The Runner
  2nd Andy Polakowski Facing The Dream
  3rd Alia Naughton Looking Up
  Highly commended Jeff Driscoll Butterflies, Damselflies And Dragonflies
  Highly commended Geoff Poole Summer In The Alps

2011 Download the 2011 winners (zip file 315Mb)
  Winner Jenny Hibbert Wildlife In Montana
  Runner-up Ed Cloutman Coldbrookdale Foundry
  Runner-up Alia Naughton Colours Of Uluru
  Highly commended David Pickford Left By The Tide
  Highly commended Howard Bagshaw The West

  1st Gary Green By The Grace Of God
  2nd Chris Timbrell Winter
  3rd Paul Green The Concert Hall
  Highly commended Mike Baker Death And Life On The Nile
  Highly commended Jenny Hibbert Wolves

  Winner Alan Jenkinson Taking The Long Way Home
  Runner-up David Neal Skye View
  Runner-up Chris Timbrell The Terracotta Warriors, Xi'an, China
  Highly commended David Gould I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
  Highly commended Gary Green Reflections - My Home Town

  Winner David Neal Celtic Desires
  Runner-up Mike Baker Images Of The South West
  Runner-up Jenny Hibbert It's A Wonderful World
  Highly commended Jeff Goodwin Born To Run
  Highly commended Mike Eady Say It With Flowers