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"5 to 8" Rules

The Bridgend "5 to 8" competition is an annual photo harmony competition organised by Bridgend and District Camera Club and open to entries from across the globe. The 2019 competition is open for entries.

Rules of Entry for the 2019 Competition

  1. This competition is a Photo Harmony competition, and we refer you to the definition on the main 5 to 8 webpage. It is a "slide show" of still images on a theme set to music, video is not allowed. Text is allowed to be used within the sequence but it's use is discouraged.
  2. All photographers must be credited, either at the beginning or the end of the sequence and all images must be the original work of the photographers credited.
  3. Entries to be executable files as produced by Pictures To Exe or Proshow Gold. (Other software or formats by prior approval).
  4. The length of the sequence, including all titles and credits, is to be between 240 seconds and 480 seconds.
  5. The opening sequence is to include the title of the show.
  6. Entries are welcome from groups, clubs and individuals.
  7. Entries can be submitted either online or by post. Full details can be found on the relevant BCC website pages.
  8. The entry fee is £8 (eight pounds Sterling). This entry fee allows the author(s) to submit two sequences.
  9. Entries will be viewed using a Windows PC and a full HD widescreen digital projector (i.e. the display will be set to 1920 by 1080 pixels).
  10. All sequences will be scanned by a commercially available "anti virus" programme. If any problems are encountered we will endeavour to contact you straight away to resolve the matter. It is at the Clubs discretion to withdraw a sequence if no solution can be found.
  11. A downloadable file, including all eligible entries and a copy of the judges' comments, will be made available after the judging. Additionally clubs or entrants can request a DVD copy. If any competitor does not wish to have their entry included in this distribution package, they must indicate so by selecting the appropriate option on the online entry form or by ticking the appropriate box on the postal entry form.

The "5 to 8" competition name refers to the running length of entries being between 5 and 8 minutes when the competition was originally conceived. For recent years, including the 2019 competition, the allowed running length has been changed to be 4 to 8 minutes but the original competition name has been retained.

For more information or any queries on the 5 to 8 Competiton please contact the club using: