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Club History

The Vale of Glamorgan Camera Club was formed in 1954. The name of the club was changed to Bridgend and District Camera Club on 26 February 1957. More information about the early days of the club can be found in the scanned images, below, from the 1999 Club Handbook.

1955 : Exhibition Booklet

All pages of the "First Annual Exhibition Of Photography" booklet dating from September 1955. Kindly supplied for scanning by Brian Batters.



1970s and 1980s : Newspaper clippings

A selection of newspaper clippings from the Glamorgan Gazette, 1970s and 1980s. Kindly supplied by Brian Sewell.

Hello our Members - you may, and I hope that you will, enjoy going though this.

A couple of years ago I found something in our attic at home that I had used a number of times several years ago related to our Bridgend Camera Club. This 'something' is a folder/album of press coverage and photographs of our Camera Club. Going back through this 'collection of Camera Club information' I was amazed to remember that the Glamorgan Gazette had developed a good contact with our Club and published numerous reports, photographs and information being made available for their readers about our Club and it's photographic work and members interests.

The considerable number of Gazette reports and photographs and information on our Club's events starts in 1976 and goes through to 1982. The images that are included in this display programme start with a copy of the Gazette front page which is filled with photographs and a report of our Club. This front page and page 2 is dated 1980 - but from here on are shown from 1976 and up to 1982.

Several of the Gazette reports that have been photographed for this display had shown age with newspaper 'image breakdown' but can be viewed in the following click-on images.

Enjoy what you will see and learn something about our Club that you may not have been aware. And for our current members whose experience goes back a number of years these will be good memories. Click on and enjoy.

Brian Sewell, February 2021




1999 : Club Handbook

A selection of pages from the 1999 Club Handbook. Kindly supplied for scanning by Brian Batters.