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Screen calibration: the i1 Display Pro

Distribution of the club i1 Display Pro

The club i1 Display Pro is available for members to use from January 2018. Since this is a new exercise, we will start with the following suggested way of moving the device between members, making changes if necessary:

  • Given that everyone is busy, it is expected that a loan of a few days should be sufficient to install the software and perform the calibration. If for some reason you have held onto the device for a week or more, it should be returned at the earliest possible opportunity to make it available for somebody else.
  • Whoever borrows the device should send a message to the Googlegroup when they have finished using it to the effect that it is available, unless they have made a prior arrangement to pass it on to someone else midweek. In that case a note should be sent to the Googlegroup confirming who it has been passed on to so that we can keep track of where it is.
  • Whoever has the device on a Monday should bring it with them to club (assuming they have finished with it).
  • While not out on loan the device will be kept by Chris Timbrell.

What's it all about?

In general, computer screens are too bright and are set to whatever default color the device ships with. Screen calibration aims to get your screen to a known standard giving good representative color and brightness.

That's a short explanation. There are plenty of articles on the internet. Here are a couple:

Article at www.makeuseof.com

Article at www.color-management-guide.com

Calibration is carried out using a device which is suspended in front of the screen to record measurements of the light emitted by the screen. A colour profile is created and subsequently used to "correct" the colours shown by the device.

The club calibrator is an X-rite i1 Display Pro (model number EODIS3-XR). In the box you will find:

You can find out more about the device and check for newer versions of the i1Profiler Software on the manufacturer website:

General information about the i1 Display Pro

Download page for the i1Profiler software

On the download page for the i1Profiler Software you may need to expand the "Show more" link in order to see the software listed.

How do I use the calibrator and software?

This a summary of the process from start to end (using default settings and the "Basic" user mode in the software).

From now on the profile that has just been created will be loaded when the machine starts.

What about the "Advanced" user mode?

The above is a quick run through using the basic settings. For more information on the advanced options, please try a Google search. For example, here's a link that explains some of the settings when using the advanced mode:

Article at nativedigital.co.uk

System Requirements

The i1Profiler software version 1.7.1 contains the following information about "minimum suggested hardware requirements":