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"Three On A Theme" Competition

This page describes the "Three On A Theme" competition which may be run during the year. The competition has print and digital sections. For the print section, three mounted prints form one entry. For the digital section, three images must be placed on a single 1920x1080 jpg file. There is no set theme. An entry could, for example, tell a story or describe an event or location. Full details of entry requirements for print and digital sections are given below.

Print entries

Digital entries

If you are unsure how to go about creating a jpg file with multiple images in Photoshop, try downloading the psd files for the above two examples to see how they are done:

Downloaddogs_on_a_lead_1.psd (7Mb, black background version)

Downloaddogs_on_a_lead_2.psd (9Mb, white background version)

The white background version has been created using these steps:

  1. Create new file in Photoshop with size 1920x1080.
  2. Fill the base layer with white.
  3. Drag in the three images (they will create three separate layers).
  4. Select each image layer in turn and re-size / position the image (horizontal guides have been defined at 25%, 50% and 75% of the image height to help with the alignment).
  5. Define a stroke on each image layer to create the three black borders.
  6. Save the file as a psd file (in case you want to change it later).
  7. Use "save as" and select the jpg format to save a jpg version.

There are usually multiple ways to do things in Photoshop. This detailed tutorial results in a panel of 3 equally sized images:


Examples - the 2013 digital entries

As further examples, here are the digital entries from the 2013 Three On A Theme competition.