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Internal Club Competitions

Monthly Competitions

The club holds monthly competitions that are contests between individual members of the club. There are nine competitions throughout the season, with collections usually on the first Monday of the month and judging usually on the last Monday of the month from September to May. The December Landscape and May mono competitions are judged individually. Results for the other seven monthly competitions are combined to give overall end of season winners. There are two separate formats, one for prints and one for digital projected images. Details for the 2018/2019 season are below. The collection and judging dates are listed in the programme.

Month Details
September 2018 Open competition
October 2018 Open competition
November 2018 Theme competition : Life on the street
December 2018 Theme competition: Landscape
Winner to be awarded the Mike Stokes Trophy
January 2019 Open competition
February 2019 Theme competition : In the garden
March 2019 Open competition
April 2019 Open competition
May 2019 Mono competition

Members may submit up to two prints and two digital images per month. Entries are submitted to the Competition Secretary on the notified date (see programme) or by special arrangement with the Competition Secretary at another time. Digital images can be submitted via Dropbox (see the Dropbox section at the end of this page), by e-mail to the Competition Secretary: or on club evenings on USB stick or CD/DVD.

During the judging evenings, each piece of work will be awarded a mark out of 20 and be commented on in a constructive manner.

There are four competiton winners announced at the end of the season: Print Theme, Digital Theme, Print Overall, Digital Overall. The theme winners, print and digital, will be the members with the highest four scores in the November and February competitions. The overall winners, print and digital, will be decided by taking the highest seven scores over all seven monthly competitions.

Annual Mono Competition

This competition is held in May each year. Members may enter up to two monochrome prints and two monochrome digital images with the definition of monochrome being that of the WPF at the time. Each piece of work will be commented on in a constructive manner. No theme is intended nor should any marks be awarded for any theme.

Members Choice - The Terry Gardner Trophies

Some time after the completion of the monthly and monochrome competitions the top scoring print and projected image entries are scored by members. The top scoring print and projected image are named as the "Members Choice" for that season. The winning photographers are awarded the Terry Gardner Trophy, named in memory of a well respected former committee member.

The Mike Stokes Trophy

The Mike Stokes Trophy is a landscape and seascape competition held in memory of Mike Stokes. Mike served the club as a committee member holding several posts over many years. He also inspired and entertained members in equal amounts over those years. The competiton is in print and digital projected image sections with the overall winner being awarded the trophy.

Review of Summer Evening Outings

During June and July club members meet on a Monday evening in the local area to take photographs. One evening in the programme for the following season, usually around October, is devoted to a review of images taken during these evenings with a winning image selected from those submitted.

Phototrek Competition

The club sometimes holds an annual "Phototrek" competition which allows members to enter images in a number of themed sections. The images can be taken over an extended period but must be taken within the specified period. The images are marked in a club evening using a three-judge system with a scoring machine. Images are presented to the judges who then give an almost instant mark on a scale of 2-5 as is often done in International and other external competitions. This will give an added insight into this scoring method and requirements needed for a better score. Full details of Phototrek are available here.

Other Internal Competitions

Whilst planning that seasons programme the committee may decide on one or two more competitions, whose format will vary. The idea will be to provide a fresh and interesting challenge to club members. As much advance warning on the competitions rules as possible will be given, typically around the time of the previous years AGM.

Competition Codes

Competition codes are issued to each member by the Competition Secretary. They are in the form of a three-digit number. All entries to internal club competitions MUST include the member’s competition code.

Preparation of Digital Images for Monthly Competitions

All digital images for club competitions should be sized to a maximum of 1400x1050 pixels, set to 300ppi and saved using the JPEG format (i.e. images should be no wider than 1400 pixels and no taller than 1050 pixels). Notes on the re-sizing process can be found here. The filename should take the form of the image title followed by:
- the member's three-digit club competition code
- a preference indicator (1 or 2) - see the Total Club Entry section below for more information.

This gives a filename in the format: title code preference.jpg

For example:
The member whose competition code is 986 has two digital entries with titles “My best photo” and “A great image”. If images have to be removed due to the total quota being exceeded (see Total Club Entry section below), the member wants “A great image” to be removed first. The files would be named as follows:
My best photo 986 1.jpg
A great image 986 2.jpg

Not all software is keen on special character in filenames. Dashes and underscores are ok, but it is best to avoid these within the title:

. , ! ' [full stop, comma, exclamation, apostrophe]

Preparation of Prints for Monthly Competitions

Prints must be mounted. The preferred size for mounts is 40cmx50cm. 16"x20" mounts will also be accepted for internal competitions but note that most external competitions require mounts to be 40cmx50cm. The Competition Secretary can cut 16"x20" mounts to 40cmx50cm if they are required for external competitions (but only with the agreement of the print owner). There is no restriction on the image size within the mount. Any tape on the rear of the mount should be firmly adhered to the mount to prevent damage to other prints.

The rear of each print must be labelled with:
- a title
- the member's three-digit club competition code
- “open” or “theme” to indicate which category the image is being entered for
- a preference indicator (1 or 2) - see the Total Club Entry section below for more information.

Total Club Entry for Monthly Competitions

The total number of print and digital entries from all members will usually not be allowed to exceed 90 in any given month. If more than 90 entries are received the Competition Secretary will need to remove some entries from the total. To allow for this possibility, each print and digital entry MUST include a preference indicator 1 or 2. If it is necessary to remove entries then those marked 2 will be removed first.

Rejection of Prints or Digital Images

The Competition Secretary may refuse to accept prints or digital images that do not meet the criteria specified above.

Using Dropbox to Submit Digital Images

Dropbox is a small (free) application for Windows, Mac and other devices which allows you to share files in a special "Dropbox" folder. You will also need to create a Dropbox account. The Dropbox folder looks like a normal folder on your computer and files are copied to/from it in the usual way. Files moved into the Dropbox folder are uploaded to your Dropbox account and then become available on other computers on which you have Dropbox installed.

Individual sub-folders within your Dropbox folder can be shared with one or more other Dropbox users. This is the feature used to transfer your digital competition entries to another member of the club. When your competition entries are ready, just copy them into the shared folder. If you log in to your account at www.dropbox.com you can see a full summary of all your folders, who they are shared with and a log of files which have been added to, or deleted from, each folder.

The general Dropbox tour and a download link are available here: https://www.dropbox.com/tour.

So if you are new to Dropbox, here's what you need to do to transfer BCC competition entries:

  1. Download and install the application on your computer and set up a Dropbox account. (The account uses an e-mail address for logins so if you have multiple addresses, it'll be easier for other club members if you use the address that you use for BCC).
  2. Create a sub-folder in the main Dropbox folder. Include your name in the folder name. e.g "BCC monthly comps John Smith".
  3. Add images to the folder.
  4. Right click the folder icon and use the "Dropbox / Share this folder" option.
  5. Add e-mail details of the person you want to share with and send the invitation. Once the recipient accepts the invitation they will have access to the folder.
  6. When the files are removed by the recipient, a notification is sent to you.

Steps 4 and 5 are only needed the first time. After that, simply add images to the folder and a notification is sent to the recipient to let them know there are new files.

Monthly competition theme subjects for years gone by

For the record...

Season Theme subjects
2017-18 Something new
2016-17 T.V. programme title
2015-16 Lightweight
Man's influence on the landscape
2014-15 Footwear
2013-14 Creative
Night photography
2012-13 At night
Only small
Still life
Urban life
Wildlife and nature
2011-12 Action
At work
Creative / altered reality
In the kitchen
Song title
2010-11 Coast
Close up
Grabshot (Street life/candid)
Something different