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Re-sizing digital images

All digital images for club competitions should be sized to a maximum of 1400x1050 pixels (and optionally set to 300ppi). The examples below show how an individual image can be resized in Photoshop. The dialog boxes may have slightly different options in different versions of Photoshop but the procedure is the same in all versions. Similar options exist in Photoshop Elements and other image editting software will also have equivalent options. The image used in this example starts at 2441x1373 pixels and is re-sized to a width of 1400 pixels.

For more on resizing and resampling see the Adobe resizing support page for Photoshop Elements or the image size and resolution page for Photoshop.

Re-sizing without a keyline border

Re-sizing with a keyline border

A single keyline border can be created by re-sizing the image slighty smaller than the final required size, then increasing the canvas size with an appropriate background colour. In this example the image is re-sized to a width of 1396 pixels using the procedure above, then the canvas width and height is increased by a relative amount of 4 pixels. This relative amount is applied evenly left and right and top and bottom. The final width is 1400 pixels.

Another method of producing a keyline is to use the Edit / Stroke option. This method does not change the image size. Instead the keyline is applied onto the existing image and overlays some pixels of the image. The canvas re-sizing method described here preserves all the image pixels and is therefore a better choice.

Save option for jpeg files

Files should be saved as in JPEG format. The following applies to Photoshop but other software will have similar options. The quality setting in other software may be described differently e.g. 0-100 rather than 0-12.