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Phototrek 2013


For 2013 the Phototrek timescale has been extended to allow images to be taken up to the end of December 2013. Also, the number of images required has been reduced compared to previous years.


For 2013 we have again chosen a 10 mile radius from Nolton Church hall to be the area in which all images must be taken. This area is shown on the map below. You can explore the map in more detail here.

10 mile radius from Nolton Church hall

The competition has nine themed categories and one open section, as listed below.

Section Theme
01 Valley life
02 Useless
03 In motion
04 Solitude
05 Straight and narrow
06 Shadow
07 In my garden
08 Graveyard
09 Two people
10 Open

The 10 mile radius is waived for section 7 for members living more than 10 miles away!

The images will be marked using a three-judge system with a scoring machine. Images are presented to the judges who then give an almost instant mark on a scale of 2-5 as is often done in International and other external competitions. This will give an added insight into this scoring method and requirements needed for a better score.

Images should be sized no larger than 1400px horizontally and 1050px vertically.

Files should jpeg format and named with the 2-digit section number, your 3-digit competition code and the title of your image (or the section name if you can't think of a title). For example, James Bond having membership number 007 might enter:

01 007 valley life.jpg
02 007 useless.jpg
03 007 in motion.jpg

There is no need to submit 10 images - if you have less then please submit them anyway.