Browse and upload

This image checker allows you to independently confirm that a digital image meets the club internal competition requirements before you submit it for a competition.

Simply select an image file from your disk using the Browse button.

Then use the Upload Image button to get it ready for checking.

Once uploaded, the image can be checked for required items:

  • width and height (in pixels) for the competition your are entering
  • filename satisfying internal competition naming convention

And suggested items:

  • resolution (pixels per inch) : 300
  • ICC colour profile : sRGB

Extra information

For internal club competitions the width and height are requirements. The filename also has specific requirements for input to the DiCentra scoring software. The resolution and colour space are not critical but are suggested values.

There are three possibilities for the items that are checked:

Ok : no changes needed.
Warning : Can be left as-is, but you could consider the suggested change.
Problem : Cannot be left as-is, you must make the suggested change.

The checker requires that your file is uploaded to the BCC web server - the uploaded file is not sent to anyone and is removed from the server once the check is completed. The file on your hard disk is not modified in any way.

Uploads are limited to files of 4Mb. This is a restriction placed on this checker, there is no file size limit for competition entries.

Once you have checked your image with this checker and are happy with it, you can submit it for entry in the normal way.

Resizing digital images

Information about re-sizing digital images can be found here.

Submitting images

Information about submitting images for competitions can be found here.